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About us

You won't find any other accountant like us - we guarantee it!

As you will have already gathered, we’re not like other accountancy firms.

We care about your financial performance and your growth and we achieve this by working hard to build a strong (really strong) relationship with you.

We even invest our own money to ensure our business clients get full access to one of the world’s leading marketing and business growth systems (The BGS Vault).

And we have proven solutions for all the smallest and largest challenges small and medium-sized businesses face during their lifecycle (from start-up through to growth and maturity).

After all, any decent accountant can produce a good set of accounts. But very few have the skills to create a relationship where the client really sees their accountant as a true asset to their business.

And that’s because a great accountant, is one that does so much more than merely provide accountancy services.

A great accountant is one that gives your business the advantage it needs and demands.

And that’s where we really make the difference.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out, have an established business or you’ve been round the block a few times. We know what’s required to create a win-win relationship for you...

  • FIXED FEES: To begin with, when you become our client you will wave goodbye to those nonsense accountancy bills that so many accountants are guilty of...

    ...and that’s because ALL of our fees are fixed wherever possible, so you’ll never get any nasty surprises. And to prevent you getting one bill to pay at the end of each year, you can pay us a low monthly fee, easing your cash flow.

  • ALL DEADLINES MET OR WE DONATE £50 TO THE CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE: Neither will you have to worry about key filing deadlines, because if in the very unlikely event we miss one, we’ll pay ALL of the fines AND donate the £50 for the inconvenience.
    Now how many accountants do you know who are willing to go to such lengths for their clients?

  • ALL SUPPORT WORK BY WAY OF E-MAIL, TELEPHONE & MEETINGS IS INCLUDED: So if you have an urgent question or just a quick query, everyone here is ready and waiting to help you...
    ...and that includes the partners of the firm, who you have direct access to whenever you need it.
    And still... we want to go that extra mile when helping your business succeed.

  • FREE ACCESS TO THE BEST BUSINESS GROWTH & MARKETING SYSTEM IN EXISTENCE: We have invested a significant sum of our own money so you and all our clients get free and unlimited access to arguably the world’s most successful sales and marketing system.

So... if you’re looking for an accountant who does things differently...

...puts you at the centre of their business...

...and really cares about building a long-term relationship, then we know you’re going to love taking 90 minutes out of your day to meet with us.

Because even our FREE no-obligation meetings are full of surprises and right there and then we’ll identify your most pressing financial challenges.

Because that’s the type of accountants we are!

So whether you’re starting a new business and want to hit the ground running, or have an existing one and are looking for a fresh and very successful approach to accountancy, we urge you to get in touch now.

Why not take action now and phone us on 01597 824855 or 01874 622528.

Compliance services

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Time-Saving Services

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